Delhi versus Gurgaon

A comparison you might be eager for, an answer to my friends question; “why I don’t come to Delhi?”, and the possible reason why I might get bashed by my Delhi friends, but I have this habbit of writing something controversial and old habbits die hard as we all know. So here is my end their never ending argument about which city is better. Delhi versus Gurgaon! The capital in competition with the Millennium City of India. Lets look at some aspects. First of all in terms of area Delhi covers an approximate of 1,484 km² in compared to the 1,253 km² covered by Gurgaon. No great difference in area but lets keep that in mind. Population-wise, according to our census 2011, Delhi bares the weight of 16.75 million people compared to weight of 1.514 million by Gurgaon. Yeah, Delhi wins in terms of weight-lifting but these things are surely not why you reading this post. So here it goes:


Let me not put my views, neither yours, lets take a look at the views of a third person; here I’m talking about the tourists. Recently, I had a trip to the Parvati Valley in Himachal and met a lot of friends from around the globe; Germany, Israel, America, Greece, Italy, Russia and many more. They welcomed me to their music gigs and rented cribs there so I too had to invite them to Gurgaon. As soon as they got to know it was Delhi’s neighbor

Imagethey were reluctant to visit. They said Delhi is all about cons & congested places and I could really well understand that. According to them it was just a place they had to go to catch their international flights. Given a choice they would have boarded flights from Himachal itself but that’s decades or a millennium away! Can’t say but I hope those mountains stay the way they are.


I returned to Gurgaon (sad), came back home and got to know that some of them decided to visit me as they had their flights. They decided to drop in 2-3 days prior and soon arrived. I got them to my place and their first impression was “what sort of sorcery is this, are we in India?”. Yes mates, they were in Gurgaon, comparing it with international cities they had been to including the Big Apple. A picture to show their happiness has been put->. They were so happy to be in the city that they even decided to postpone their plans. The reasons for this excitement will be shared for sure; same reasons I love my city & try to avoid Delhi so i’l put them in my viewpoint.


I’ve got a lot of friends in Delhi as I’ve done my schooling and spent half of my life there. Yet I try to avoid going to that place, reasons being the traffic, traffic lights, congestion, suffocation and things I’l remember once u put me there. Going from one place to another covering round 10kms in one hour is not worth it, especially when you live in new part Gurgaon and are used to cover distances in few minutes. The difference in the two cities can be pretty much compared by taking in consideration the area and population. The area is pretty much the same but the people are uncontrollably more in Delhi. The city might be important in terms of administration as its the capital, but most of us don’t really care about that do we?

ImageWhile coming towards Gurgaon from Delhi, you are welcomed by the IT giant “Cyber Park” and the symbol of Gurgaon; as its called, “The Ship Building” (DLF Gateway Tower). The part left to Iffco is termed as “New Gurgaon” by most localities of the city. It consists of continuous chains of malls, hotels, multiplexes, hospitals, commercial buildings and IT cities like Cyber Park and Cyber City in a compact area of 10km diameter with some lucky residents around. So everything is 15 minutes away! From malls like The Ambiance which has a walking length of 1km and consisting of all major shopping giants, a hotel, clubs, entertainment zones, to hospitals like Medanta which is considered

Imagethe best hospital in India, first hospital having airplane facility all over India. Gurgaon has almost everything few steps away from one another with less traffic, and greener roads and taller and newer constructed buildings. Not to forget the IT giant cities like Cyber City and Cyber Park having all the international business, telecom and technical companies. Metro services are limited though but Rapid Metro is already on its way and under test runs across the city.

On the other hand Delhi’s thumbs up are more of heritage sites that have spit pans and litter, monuments with love scribbling, crowded markets with Gucci and Prada available on roadside (if you know what I mean), some of the oldest established big shot 5 star hotels, and companies. It has some posh areas but these are like small patches in the vast crowded place. Comparing the residential areas and reach to these places, its nowhere near comfortable and a huge parking crisis at most residential area.


Nothing personal, but if you are a person who loves it clean, green, open, peaceful and less crowded and less noisy, head towards the mountains. But if additionally you want a city life and want to live with the modern world, love technology and have no choice but to work or study in a city like me, it would be Gurgaon over Delhi any day my friend though I love Delhi too but Gurgaon more. Love and Peace.


Lemp CCTV footage out, Social media regrets the possible conspiracy.

ImageThere was some kind of a huge misunderstanding among people as the strange anonymous blog fired up on the social media with clear attempt of crushing the reputation of one of the best brewpubs and kitchen in the city. It hit a huge number of views and spread too fast, which clearly indicated some sort of a role played by big marketing firms. The person wrote an over-emotional blog which surely got a lot of people carried away with its bollywood style story and some poor quality of investigative pictures. Yeah I read it too, I really did, the first three paragraphs, I really tried to read further but the story sounded too made up and boring after that. Me not beings a great emotional & drama fool (swear didn’t go for Aashiqi 2), chose to carry on with my work and not to waste time there. But it surely got attention of thousands of Indian hearts, c’mon I know we all love masala don’t we? You should read more about that and find my reviews to that funny story here if you don’t know what am talking about.

Image The CCTV footage of the incident is out, and the story seen there is not quite like it was told on that blog, so in a way we might have contributed in a possible social media conspiracy. Lemp has recently boomed up its place to a top brewpub in the city. Lemp Brewery being one of the oldest players in their buisness, not quite far back, launched Lemp Brewpub in Gurgaon. Me being a resident and fresh beer lover was quite excited about this. Lemp quickly gained its popularity, inviting top notch artists to play and giving its customers some fine beer to drink with an awesome ambiance. No doubt, it crashed the markets of rival pubs in a short duration of time, one of the obvious reasons of this obviously paid huge negative marketing in which we played our part, shared, posted without knowing what really happened, but never mind we do that all the time what’s so surprising about that. We helped those internet marketing firms for free (how kind of us)!

ImageDuring that time Lemp was not making any comments (which was a major reason it lost the internet battle) and by the time someone realized, the situation was out of control. We people did our jobs by sharing the posts on facebooks, I saw captions like “man this place is shit” by people who weren’t even from this city, I’m sure they haven’t even been to that place ever. This makes me think we as YUVA are rising no doubt, but why didn’t we think for a second before we label a place “shit”. This also questioned the reliability of social media and the way we usually give out verdict on the social media after being carried away, going in the favor of the side with the more dramatic and heart touching story, not realizing that stories can easily be made up, and about adding masala to things, who does it better than us!

People are waking up finally realizing they might have been a part of this possible conspiracy that brought the reputation of a place down. It is important for us to know that we are a part of the social media and every share does some damage which can’t be reverted the way it was done. My first blog about the case was neutral though, as neither of the two parties were supported, and it still is. All I am against is the negative response, the people and social media showed to an anonymous blog. Blogs are a powerful source to convey your message, no doubt, but isn’t that our job to make sure the sources are right and true, before we decide to publicize it? Is an anonymous blog working with marketing companies, enough to destroy the reputation of something? If that’s the case then social media is nowhere near “reliable”.

Also, the blog stated that things sound pretty worse in “Haryanvi”. I mean man, it is the language here and obviously no one can deprive the local police of their language. Another funny thing was the blog bragging about them being too educated and well spoken (LOL seriously! who does that). I cant imagine writing my qualifications before a blog or bragging like “I’m too hot!”. Stop creating scenes on pity issues like Hawaiian food.

This is my first blog post, because the issue was strange, shocking and interesting enough for me to write, besides I’ve always loved controversies. So stay tuned for more! Peace. Love. Gurgaon.


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